Chakra workshop series


This is a series of individual workshops on the chakras, our subtle energy system!

6 months we will travel through a series of workshops exploring the various Chakras one by one. We will look at the qualities they govern, and their significance in our lives: how do they affect us and why are they important? 

We will also go through various practices, postures as well as meditation techniques, which has the power to awaken these centres and balance their activity.
We will start at the top (not including Sahasrara), with "the third eye" Ajna chakra. Being "the eye of wisdom" it is important to start awaken this centre first. Then we will move down to Mooladhara, the base chakra, and then progressively move upwards in the body through Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata and Vishuddhi.

You can participate in any workshop individually or more powerfully you can use them all as one complete journey.
The chakras are part of the yogic physiology which recognises, not one, but five "bodies" or sheets through which we exist. They are part of our psychic "body", belonging to the realm of the psyche. They are said to have a powerful effect on our personality and when fully awake opens the door to our greater human potential. 

The workshops will go once a month on the following dates:
Sunday 21/1 Ajna - done.
Sunday 18/2 Mooladhara - done.
Sunday 18/3 Swadhistana
Sunday 22/4 Manipura
Sunday 20/5 Anahata
Sunday 17/6 Vishuddhi
The price of each workshop is 600,- to be payed in cash on the day of class.
For any question or to sign up please write to:

About the teacher:
Janaki has been practising yoga since 2002 in Norway. She spent 8 months in the Satyananda yoga ashram in India, living and learning yoga. She has done many seminars with various teachers in the tradition and visited various centres and ashrams around the world. In 2014 she completed a year of teacher training with the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe and has been teaching for the last 4 years.