Vítáme novou lektorku Janaki

27.12.2016 08:52

Janaki pochází z Norska a spolu jsme se setkali prvně, když Janaki přišla na lekci do studia a potom při bližší spolupráci během festivalu Live Yoga Love Brno. Janaki projevila zájem vést u nás lekce a já jsem něměla sebemenší důvod s ní nesouhlasit. Chvíli nám trvalo, než jsem daly informace dohromady, ale už se čas přiblížil a Janaki začíná již v lednu. 

Co Janaki píše o sobě?

I first came in contact with Yoga in 2002 in my home town in Norway. Although I had a spontaneous interest in for example chakras and the spiritual aspect of life,that was not the reason I went to my first yoga class. At least not the conscious reason. I signed up for the course because I thought I needed some exercise but I was feeling particularly lazy and out of shape. So I figured that yoga would be the thing for me. The classes did give me some physical training, but that was not the main thing that I found. The practice opened for me a feeling of connection. Of some sort of purpose and a subtle but powerful sense of the possibility of a mystical and wonderful reality. It caught me. My yoga teacher at the time nudged me off to a 4 month yogic training course in the Bihar School of Yoga in India, where she had herself been trained years before. And that was the start of a journey for me. A whole new direction of my life. I have since then stayed in the tradition of Bihar School of Yoga, Satyanada Yoga. Practising, studying and since 2013 also teaching. I find the science of yoga to be a powerful tool for both maintaining physical, mental and emotional health and well being in life as well as a doorway to the discoveries of the deeper mysteries of living.

I look forward to share it with you! You can also visit my web page here.


Její lekce začínají od 10.01.2017. 

Tuesday - Úterý: Yoga Nidra 12:15 - 13:00 hod. - description - popis zde.

Thursday - Čtvrtek: Morning Yoga Class  7:30 - 8:45 hod. - description - popis zde.

Classes are led in English. You can use YL pass. Lekce jsou vedeny v angličtině. Možnost využít YL pass.

Na lekce se můžete registrovat zde.

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Here are books that provide inspiration, transformation, they are good source, place to go to in difficult times. We do have some books in studio to be borrowed. But they can be valuable part of any nice book collection in your home.

Simple Recipes for Joy


Yoga and Vegetarianism

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Bhagavad Gita

Sweeping the Dust

Patangali Yoga Sutry 

Yoga Assists


Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul



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