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05/06/2017 11:48
We have several classes in English you can choose from and practice yoga away from your own home. Yoga has the magic to make you feel like you are home again. Home in your own body and soul. Come and practice with us. here are the classes: Classes with Janaki. Classe with Šárka...
19/04/2017 18:32
Come and join us on this journey of finding inner strenght, ability to relax into any situation that might arise and finding stability and grace in ever changing flow of poses as well as life itself. Let me introduce to you International Spiritual Warrior which will be led in English once a month....
28/03/2017 18:08
I really enjoy my time at Yoga Lokah. Sarka's course, led in English, is always a calming yet dynamic experience. She is in touch with students ensuring a great experience for all. I love her positive energy and openness. She is a ray of sunshine that brightens my week. -Valie Thank you, Valie, for...
19/01/2017 10:14
Maybe some of you noticed we added new classes to our colorful schedule. One of the classes is midday class on Tuesdays - Yoga Nidra. Have you ever tried this specific practice? I have, but only once. Still when I lived in USA, one of my friend was offering classes. I do remember how much I enjoyed...
17/08/2015 22:51
Preparation for fourth year of yoga festival in Brno LIVE YOGA LOVE BRNO are underway. Dates are 10. - 12.11.2017 Lužánky, Brno   Shri Krishna Sharanam Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu    
24/06/2013 08:22
Individual yoga lessons are for those who are interested to study yoga as it was at its beggining. One on one, teacher with student. Lessons are taylored to students needs, abilities, conditions and intention. Namaste. To inquire more information please contact Naďa Brzobohatá - 602 300...
30/10/2012 22:40
Yin Yoga -  perfektní opačné praktikování Teorie za Yin Yogou vyplívá z Taoistické víry, že každá z věcí se dá popsat dle jejich komplimentárních aspektů Yin a Yang. Jeden z předních praktikantů tohoto stylu yogy Paul Grilley vysvětluje na svých webových stránkách, že Yin a...
26/09/2012 16:18
  Proč? Určitě tato otázka hned každého napadne, proč vstávat o hodinu či dvě dříve, proč opustit teplo naší postýlky a zpřetrhat tak nitku ranních snů. Chtěla bych v krátkosti pouze mluvit proč si stoupnout na podložku hned z rána, je to obsáhlé téma, které se dá rozebírat do nekonečných...
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Here are books that provide inspiration, transformation, they are good source, place to go to in difficult times. We do have some books in studio to be borrowed. But they can be valuable part of any nice book collection in your home.

Simple Recipes for Joy

Yoga and Vegetarianism

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Bhagavad Gita

Sweeping the Dust

Patangali Yoga Sutry 

Yoga Assists

Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul



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